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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PMK Pyro and Ilford FP4+

I'm relatively new to PMK Pyro, so I have only limited examples of its characteristics. Ilford FP4+ is lauded as being a good film to use with this developer. The image below was taken with FP4+ using a Jupiter lens.
Despite my focusing on Eric's eyeglasses, the Jupiter chose his sideburns. Nevertheless, the forehead and bokeh show the very smooth grain rendered with PMK Pyro. An enlargement from this frame gives you an idea of the smoothing effect rendered by the staining.

The image below was taken on Ilford FP4+ developed in PMK Pyro (this time with a Leica Summaron 35/2.8) .

Despite the use of stain versus silver metal in the negative, the image is extremely sharp. The enlargement of the hood ornament below shows grain, but the gradations are much smoother as in chromogenic films.